Door with Ventilation

Many people do not understand the benefits of good ventilation within their homes. Due to the higher crime rates in most parts of the country, we spend much of our time living in homes with closed windows and locked doors. Due to the insulation that goes into most homes, our houses are more air tight than they ever were before and this makes it even more difficult for fresh air to get into our homes. Installing a door with ventilation within your home will ensure that you and your family have enough fresh air throughout the day and the night without spending a lot of money on an electrical system or making your home vulnerable to criminals.

The Comfort Benefits of a Door with Ventilation

When your home does not have a sufficient amount of ventilation, odors tend to linger within the home. By opening your windows, you will be able to get rid of some of these odors but you will need to keep your windows open throughout the day and this could pose a security risk. Installing a door with ventilation, such as a grille, will allow you to get the fresh air you need without any of the disadvantages.

Combat Humidity by Installing a Door with Ventilation

If your home is very humid during the summer, you might not be allowing enough fresh air to enter your home. Installing a door with a ventilation grille will ensure that, as cold air moves into the home, hot air will be forced out and this will lower the humidity within your home.

Combating Respiratory Problems

When you install a door with ventilation, you will help to reduce the severity of respiratory problems within your family. This is because, as noxious gases and dust build up in the home, your family is breathing them into their lungs and fresh, clean air will ensure that these pollutants are carried out of your home. The following pollutants commonly build up in homes:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Mold (from excessive moisture in the air)

By constantly ensuring that the air within your home is clean, you and your family will notice how much more comfortable your living environment is within a few days.

Purchasing a Door with Ventilation

When you purchase a ventilation grille, you can choose between grilles that have to be installed in your existing doors and those that are purchased along with the doors. The Ventilation Warehouse has anodized aluminum door grilles than range from 300mm by 150mm in size to 600mm by 600mm in size and they start at about $50. These items do not come attached with the doors and you will have to install the item yourself or have the item installed by a professional.

When installing one of these items, it is important to ensure that you place them in the correct locations. Extracting grilles can be placed higher, in order to remove the hot air from the home while the grilles that bring air into the home can be placed lower down, since cold air sinks.




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